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Learn About Wills Videos

Learn About Wills

Click on each topic below for a short video to help you plan for your family and loved ones with a will or living trust. If you have questions about creating a will or living trust, please contact us.

  • Planning For Your Future

    Should a Joint Tenancy be Part of Your Estate Plan?

    Who Needs a Will? Probably, You.

    Five Excuses People Give to Avoid Making Their Estate Plan

  • Wills Basics

    The What, When and Where of Wills

    Five Questions and Answers about Wills

    How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your Estate Planning Attorney

  • Trusts & Healthcare

    Do I need a Will, a Living Trust or Both?

    Do I Need a Living Trust?

    Caring for Your Health When You No Longer Can

  • Gifts to Your Family

    What is the Right Inheritance to Give to Your Children?

    Using a Will or Trust to Make Gifts to Your Heirs

    How Your Estate Can Help Your Children and Charity